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Biography of Martin Buber

8.2.1878 birth of Martin Mordechai Buber in Vienna
After the divorce of his parents, Buber comes to Lemberg (Polish Ukraine), at that time part of the Habsburgian Empire, where his grand-parents lived: Salomon Buber (large landed property owner and banker, scientific editor of Hebrew Midrash literature) and Adele Buber (caretaker of the property, enthusiastic reader of German classics). Buber grew up multilingually: Yiddish and German at home, Hebrew and French already in his childhood, Polish at secondary school.
1892 Buber comes to the house of his father at Lemberg, who has married again. Religious crisis leading to the brak with the Jewish religious customs. Reads Kant and Nietzsche.
1896 student in Vienna (philosophy, art history, German studies, philology)
1898 joins Zionism
Participation in congresses, organizational work, agitation.
controversy with Herzl about political and cultural direction
1899 in Zurich: meeting of Paula Winkler from Munich, his later wife (a writer with the pen-name Georg Munk)
1900 birth of his first child Rafael
1901 birth of his second child Eva
editior of the weekly Die Welt, the central organ of the Zionist world organization
from 1903 occupation with the Chassidic message
1904 withdrawal from the organizational works
promotion, thesis: "Beiträge zur Geschichte des Individuationsproblems" (about Jakob Böhme and Nikolaus Cusanus)
1905/06 Florence, working at the (later abandoned) habilitation in art history
1906 Die Geschichten des Rabbi Nachman
1908 Die Legende des Baalschem
1909 Ekstatische Konfessionen (ecstatic confessions)
1909-11 first three Reden über das Judentum in Prague.
studies about myths, edition of mythic texts:
Tschunang-Tse. Reden und Gleichnisse.
Chinesische Geister- und Liebesgeschichten
Kalewala. Das Nationalepos der Finnen.(national Finn epic)
Die vier Zweige des Mabinogi. Ein keltisches Sagenbuch.(Celtic sages)
1913 Daniel. Gespräch von der Verwirklichung.
1916 moves from Berlin to Heppenheim
editor of Der Jude. Eine Monatsschrift. (until 1924)
1921 beginning of the closer relationship to Franz Rosenzweig.
1922 co-operation at Franz Rosenzweig's Freiem Jüdischem Lehrhaus.
1923 mastership at the University of Frankfurt: Jewish Religious Studies and Jewish ethics for the ill Franz Rosenzweig
I and Thou.
1925 beginning of the Verdeutschung der Schrift (translation of the Hebrew Bible into German)
1926-28 co-editor of the quarterly published Die Kreatur (the creature)
1927 Fünf Bücher der Weisung (pentateuch)
from 1930 honorary professor at the University of Frankfurt
1933 resignment from professorship immediately after Hitler's seizure of power.
deprived of the permission to give lectures on October 4
establishment of the Mittelstelle für jüdische Erwachsenenbildung: bible courses with increasing administrative obstruction
1938 Buber leaves Germany in March
professorship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: anthropology and introduction into sociology
participated in the discussion of the Jews' problems in Palestine and the question of the Arabs
working out of the biblical, philosophic and chassidic work
member of the group Ichud, which aimed at a bi-national state.
1946 Paths in Utopia
1947 first lecture tour to Europe
from 1951/52 lecture tours to the USA, courses at universities
1951 Goethe award of the University of Hamburg
1953 Peace Prize of the German Booktrade
1958 on the return from the USA and Europe: death of Paula in Venice. Buber falls ill for a longer part of time.
1963 Erasmus Award in Amsterdam
13.6.1965 death in his house in Talbyen, Jerusalem. Burial on the cemetary Har-Hamenuchot in Jerusalem