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Electronic texts by Martin Buber

Teaching and Deed (1934)

Electronic texts about Martin Buber

Martin Buberís I and Thou: Fate as Dreadful Doom or Divine Destiny? (Eric Knickerbocker)

Martin Buber's Open Letter to Gandhi Regarding Palestine

Wikipedia enty

It is Time to Invite Buber to the Peace Talks (Pete F. Spalding)

A Winters Tale (Simon Smith)

Dialogue and Urbanism (Hune E. Margulies)

On Buber, Naess, Spinoza and the Question of Diversity

Martin Buber and informal education (Mark K. Smith)

An overview of Buber's contribution to education (the informal education homepage)

Martin Buber's Mystery Plan Elijah (Maurice Friedman)

Modern Judaism 16:2 (1996), pp. 135-146

Martin Buber and Jewish-Arab Peace (Dan Leon)

The road to peace between Arabs and Jews, as Buber knew, is not paved by power. (Cross Currents, Winter 1998-99, Vol. 49 Issue 1.)

A Few Thoughts on Martin Buber's I And Thou (John Barich)

Spirituality & Religion : Martin Buber's and Abraham J. Heschel's Help for Modern Man

Martin Buberís Philosophy of Dialogue as a Foundation for Environmental Ethics

The Hasidism of Martin Buber (Kenneth Rexroth)

First published in Bird in the Bush (1959)

Electronic texts in German