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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a complete edition of Buber's German works?

At present, the three-volume collection of Buber's works which Buber himself edited in the beginning of the 60's, is out of print. A new, far more comprehensive collection of Buber's works is being prepared; the first volume will appear in the fall of 2000 at the Gütersloher Verlagshaus.

Where can I get photographs of Martin Buber?
Who owns the rights for Buber's works?`

The Gütersloher Verlagshaus has acquired the complete German rights from Lambert Schneider on January 1, 1999. Please contact for any licensing inquiries.

May I link to your site?

Of course. Even though judicial authorities may sometimes view it differently, this site adheres to the foundations of the WWW's success: Anybody who wishes to link to this site, may do so. If you want to link to the Martin Buber Homepage as a whole:

May I mirror your site?

No, unless you have a very convincing argument for the necessity. Consistency is only one problem that would have to be solved. If there is a situation in which such mirroring really is necessary, please contact me:

This does not refer to local mirroring on not publicly accessible intranet mirrors or complete local copies.

Could you tell me the citation for the following quotation »...«?

Since I neither have a full-text memory nor an electronic edition of Buber's works, an answer to such a question would be a time-consuming effort. For this purpose, a new service will be introduced soon with the help of which users of this site may help one another.

I have found a mistake or a typo. I want to direct your attention to a site that is not listed here. I want to contribute to the information offered here.
Whom shall I contact?

Any contributions to the Martin Buber Homepage are very welcome. Please contact me at