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Written by Jayce Cahll at 03 Mar 2001 00:33:32:

As an answer to: Re: I-Thou Three-way? written by Kirsten at 07 Feb 2001 17:51:07:

>>Hello Josh,
>At the begining of between Man and Man Buber describes a meeting that had the atmosphere of an I thou (it is described in the section called opinions and the factual) He also acknowledged that he was able to have a dialogue with Rogers in front of an audience which before he did not believe was possible (that is in the book "The knowledge of man")I don't remember him speaking specifically of three. I hope this is some help.
>Can anyone think of an instance where Buber describes an I-You event involving more than two participants?
>>Or has anyone here experienced something of this nature?

Hi Kristin,

My partner & I ; As a "We" have been looking for words to describe just such
an event that happens when we are together. This togetherness we share does not have to be of a physical in touching sense but, may start in a mall and though we are across the room we seem to still be sharing each other and many times communicate without speaking. I beleive many of us have this. How do you describe just this?

At a time, the other part of me had had asked, "Why I had stopped using the word Love, even though she could feel mine and I hers. was never spoken. This is what brought me to this sight. I realized and responded that the word Love just seemed not too fit. Maybe too small a word.

When we have these type days free to be with each other the sensations seem to grow throughout that day. While simply lying together, we both had feelings so intense that it was more than that physical level. and , both knew the feeling but could not describe in words. Bear with me as you will the word "feeling" dissappear.

In making LOVE to one another our journey moves forth and......I hope the words I have written will help an image appear that truly is not an image or a feeling which is really not felt...Somewhere within this particular part of our journey together we actually seem to lose each other but know we are together as one...............There seems everything in the finite world to disssappear.........No beds no sheets, no room..........It is not a thought, moment, an yet an event so pure, so freeing so empty of self yet filled with each other and all that is...................You need know, better earlier that we do not use drugs or alcohol and both of us thought better not to talk at first to others.what we together could not put in words.......

I have read many thoughts on this page and wondered why no one had asked your question and hope the rest will help..

Even the intensity of it is not noticed untill we return: From where I do not know ........ and it is not a moment but seems timeless. The physicality of our relationship and anything we as a couple or as individuals have experienced has never happened to either before ......It does not matter how long we share in minutes or hours in that way , and it can be either....And truly not about sex...............

I hope this can bring some clarity and if there is a three- way I would say that She & I had started as individuals, became a "WE", and then opened by commune within ourselves/together came to GOD, The universal subconscience or what you would call that most sacred to you...........Thus I would call it a "We & Thou" experience.

I do not know if Bubers meaning of. as an individual could happen..Or if in fact this is what he spoke of...I know only that his writings and this page is the closest I have come to in written form...What a great page....Thank you to all the writers.

If this touches you or anyone who reads these words and has had or felt same please write.

Even now the words I have written, like the word LOVE, seem too small.


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