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Written by Jalill at 04 Mar 2001 01:05:23:

Hi, Kristin,
Believe after reading much of Martin Bubers words and reading much on this page that I have indeed experienced this; "I, It, Thou" moment.

An event that as it is happening has:
No thought: Therefore can have no emotions. No feelings caused by thought or touch. You are not intillect as it occurs, You experience but,,,,,,,,,,

Not as it happens in body or mind., At least as I know the processing of how these things occur in me.

Not as a vacation where there is active observance ot speaking suchas:
"Wow, where are we. or Look a this." These come from what we are thinking or feeling or sensing when actually there.

However ALL these things do come into play but, only when the journey ends.

It then starts to cause reaction of wow,: What was that: Where Did I or We go?

Or "OH my God how intense. You feel drained but never in the travel itself.

That is the reason I am here and delighted to all the input as well as Martins.......

How wonderful to see other sent on a search of his meaning.and:
Still with open mind, Feel someone has finally put to verse what I could not share with another who was there and struggled with words to fill in this wonder.

There is PURE JOY, FREEDOM, YOU ARE TOGETHER AS ONE YET A SEPERATNESS ,yet complete and beyond these and what is written above, find lacking in feeling I could ever say more than"I am not alone". The experience is all that is left......

And a frustration Not to be able to teach another how to get there. I truly know not how We did.


The threesome to me would be a sharing of two, who with open hearts become as one then reach heights I cannot fathom and find, God,,,Universal subconscience where we all have root ro whatever name you would..

I hope others more practiced in verse and have experience will write and give it something more in word ......Or I simply guess that experience happened in Martin Biber and is why we are all here sharing today.....


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