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Written by James Peck at 09 Mar 2001 05:27:17:

As an answer to: Re: Book Recommendation written by Colin Jensen at 07 Mar 2001 01:54:01:

There are two english translations of I and Thou that I know of; R.G. Smith's 1958 translation and W. Kaufmann's 1970 translation. Buber himself was familiar and apparently approving of Smith's translation. Kaufmann's translation was made due to perceived shortcomings in the Smith translation. Kaufmann's translation includes a lot of footnotes to more fully explain terms used in the original german. However Smith's translation arguably captures more of the poetic element of I and Thou, and I personnally find more pleasureable to read.

See Kevin's comment in this discussion group from 7/26/00 for a good (though biased) comparison of the two texts.

James Peck

>Which is the best English translation of I and Thou?


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