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Written by Kevin at 07 Jul 2000 04:04:00:

As an answer to: Buber and Forgiveness written by Leonard Grob at 04 Jul 2000 20:04:32:

>Can someone refer me to texts in which Buber speaks about forgiveness and/or reconciliation? Many thanks.
>Leonard Grob

"Forgiveness is the restoration of the funda-
mental relationship by God after man through
turning to Him is set again in the condition of
his creatureliness. . . . Forgiveness is not
eschatological, but eternally present."

Two Types of Faith
pg 158.

"But a man is always guilty toward other beings
as well, toward the world, toward the being that
exists over against him. From self-illumination he
must, in order to do justice to the summons, take
not one road but two roads of which the second is
that of reconciliation. . . . Reconciliation means
here, first of all, that I approach the man toward
whom I am guilty in the light of my self-illumination
(in so far as I can still reach him on earth), acknowl-
edge to his face my existential guilt and help him,
in so far as possible, to overcome the consequences
of my guilty action. But such a deed can be valid
here only as reconciliation if it is done not out of a
premeditated resolution, but in the unarbitrary
working of the existence I have achieved."

"Guilt and Guilt Feelings,"
The Knowledge of Man,
pg 147.

"At its core the conflict between mistrust and trust
of man conceals the conflict between the mistrust
and trust of eternity. If our mouths succeed in gen-
uinely saying 'thou,' then, after long silence and
stammering, we shall have addressed our eternal
'Thou' anew. Reconciliation leads towards recon-

"Hope For This Hour,"
Pointing the Way,
pg 229.



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