Re: can i "meet" somebody without him "meeting" me?

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Written by kirsten Pinto Gfroerer at 14 Oct 2000 05:26:18:

As an answer to: Re: can i written by Michael Loeffler at 25 Jul 2000 16:27:09:

>You can meet someone in the "it" but they never meet you. In
>order for it to be in the "I-thou", I am assuming what you mean by
>"meet", there needs to be a mutual unspoken understanding between
>the two individuals--an I-Thou. Once you label it, you
>undermine the ability to "meet" So you can never "meet" someone
>unless they "meet" you.

I believe that there are times when one can meet another and they do not meet back you back in the I thou way. Consider the relationship between a therapist and a client or a teacher and a student. The relationship from the therapist or teacher side may be genuine meeting of the other but the client or student may not be able to respond in the same way. Buber talks about this phenomena in his post script to the 1957 edition of I thou and in his disscussion with Carl Rogers in the same year. Maurice Friedman writes a beautiful article about this dialogue with Roger's called Reflections on the Roger's Buber dialogue. it is written in 1994.


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