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Written by Simon at 14 Oct 2000 13:39:42:

As an answer to: Thou? written by ted at 28 Sep 2000 19:32:33:

>what is actually the thou the martin buer proposes? Except saying that to reach the I-thou we should meet the other "form" (whatever it might be) in its entirety and its total subjectivity can somone actually give me a good example of what it means with an i -thou relationship?

> Thou is not an object, a thing, it is the other in their very presentness. Buber is talking about the 'self' - a person's identity - Without other people to teach us how, we can never become genuinely human - the 'self' is fundamentally dyadic. Thou is the other when I meet them as another like myself (so avoiding the Cartesian problem of other minds). The term 'soul' is a very loose way of thinking about it although I don't think that's strictly what Buber is trying to get at.


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