Re: can i "meet" somebody without him "meeting" me?

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In reference to the Buber- Rogers debate of April 1957, this issue of possibe one sided 'meeting' in an I- Thou format, it appears that Buber was quite emphatic on one point: that a situation of necessary inequality cannot facilitate a real meeting. Specifically, in a client - therapist interaction, Buber claims 'You are not equals and you cannot be.' [1965:172] The very roles being played by the client and therapist cast them both into a situation whereby, even if real understanding is reached, a true 'meeting' cannot take place, since there is no two-way sharing of feelings and thoughts. Buber uses the concrete example of the unlikelihood of a client discussing what the Doctor did on his day off, whether he enjoyed it, and analyzing those feelings. Althogh Rogers was capable of experiencing profound understanding and connection with some clients, this very understanding could never be reciprocated. >I am only a lowly psychology undergraduate. I would appreciate further comment on this!


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