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Written by Darío Rajmilovich at 20 Dec 2000 17:50:52:

As an answer to: Buber written by Ray at 06 Apr 2000 19:31:30:

>What does Buber mean when he says, "But don`t you know also that God needs you...?"

Perhaps, Buber intends to say that God wanted de man to complete his world creation's plan, which is at a last approach related with his redemption.

The man is free (self-determination) to take the decisions that will conform his life and death, his dignity or indignity, to choose at each stepfoot among the apparent options inside the inmensity whatsoever will finally define him towards the people and himself.

"Imitatio dei" is, according to Buber, the Man's main goal and hope. Because God likes to be imitated by his creatures, what is to say that He "needs" them, the man is also needing that, even when he doesn´t seem to know it. God is needing the Fidelity of the human beeings to fulfill the opus, in the same manner that the music compositor needs an excellent executor to success (redemption?).


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