Mr. Peck's valid point.

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Written by Peter Spalding at 05 Jan 2001 21:07:30:

As an answer to: Buber and the Peace Talks written by James Peck at 25 Dec 2000 18:55:24:

James Peck has a valid point in wondering how we might apply Buber's thoughts on reconciliation between Jews and Arabs to the situation of the Middle East today, most notably the "Jerusalem Question," which is the heart of the matter. I think that Buber would say that the outcome is uncertain, but that a just solution will emerge on its own if the two protagonists apply the spirit embodied in his philosophy of dialogue--which can be summed up in his admonition that we must "look into the soul of the stranger and make his soul ours." Buber presents us with a platform from which men (and women) of good will can reach a lasting solution. Buber does not offer solutions as much as the proper approach to reach solutions.


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