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Written by kirsten at 01 Feb 2001 22:57:18:

As an answer to: Buber's family descendants written by Larry S. at 26 Jan 2001 23:57:20:

As far as i have read Buber's Wife Paula Buber acctually did convert to judaism, she was born catholic or lutheren but early in their marriage or even beforeshe converted and then became very active in the zionist movement with buber. i heard a rabbi mention the other day that there is rumour that she returned to christianity in her later years but the source I read did not mention that. My information comes from Maurice Friedman's 3 volumes on Martin Buber's life and works. I hope this is helpful

I understand that Buber's wife never converted to Judaism. I wonder if
>anyone can tell me why, that is, since Buber was so strongly involved
>with Judaism, why didn't his wife want to go along with this religious
>identity? Did she have any religious identity?
> Also, this raises the question whether Buber's children or grandchildren
>identified as Jewish or not. This question does have some significance
>regarding whether Buber's outlook was transmitted to his descendants; and
>if not, why not.


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