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Written by Kirsten at 06 Feb 2001 17:31:12:

As an answer to: Help on finding a story source written by Jim Harris at 15 Oct 2000 22:55:30:

You probably found this by now, and I don't know if the whole story is included in this passage because I am only seeing a part of it in an anthology but on page 17-18 in The Way of Man, according to the Teaching of Hasidism. YOu should find some connection to the story you are seeking.

Can anyone help? I really love the story about Rabbi Zystra but can't find the source. Zystra's hero was Moses and he continually compared himself to Moses. Why did he not do this like Moses? Why did he not do that like Moses. Finally one night in a dream a voice came to him and said: "When you die you will not be asked 'Why were you not Moses?' -- you will be asked 'Why were you not Zystra!' " Does anyone know what book this comes from?


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