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Written by Jemar at 10 Feb 2001 22:11:04:

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>Hello, I am trying to discover if Buber uses the word grace in any of his books to describe the natural gift that occurs between people when they meet in a deep way. Buber seems to imply in his work that we cannot will an I thou encounter but only be open to it. Therefore, I am wondering if you have any insight into which words he would use to describe what happens in that betweeness that is not a product of will or of turning. Books and Page numbers would be greatly appreciated. And if you know the word that he would use in german or hebrew it would be of great help. Thank-you for thinking about this. K

Dear K
I tend to be wary about finding "grace" in Buber's I and Thou. But there is something that comes close to it, and perhaps you already know, when he discusses the "between" toward the last pages of Between Man and Man. There, he says that the between is "still uncomprehended". The "between" as "still uncomprehended" is a point brought up in passing by a certain John Stewart in his introduction to "The Reach of Dialogue" (Anderson, Cissna et al.)
Why am I wary about "grace" in I and Thou? Because it seems to suggest a transcendent order beyond the human order. I tend to see Buber as THE humanist, of a way that rivals Nietzsche and Sartre. (If I am blind to the transcendent order, please try to open my eyes.) Thanks


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